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Qintar Crosschain
4 min readFeb 16, 2021

📈 Origin

Qintar is redefining DeFi by building a crosschain decentralized Islamic financial ecosystem for the purpose of building a new world of socially responsible economy with decreasing income gap. Qintar is comprised of decentralized Islamic Finance applications built on Polkadot and Moonbeam.

Qintar operates under the code of conduct borrowed from the theory of Islamic Finance, which in essence means fair access to financial opportunities for everyone with equal share of risk and gains.

Qintar Crosschain Platform is a feature-filled ecosystem with advanced tools ranging from decentralized lending and staking platform. The staking platform gives the Qintar token holders the possibility to earn profits and at the same time help someone else in a developing country to get a better life.

🎨 Protocol Design: Smart Contracts & Dapps

Protocol prototype is available at:

Qintar Murabaha (Islamic MicroFinance DeFi on blockchain)

Based on the concept of Grameen Bank which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Qintar DeFi aims to deliver microfinance opportunities for underbanked people, who are not knowledgeable on the crypto market.

The concept is designed in a way where the lender is the token holder, and the process of Murabaha takes place through local banks or authorities as the poor individuals in developing countries do not have access to means of technology.

☪️Qintar Islamic P2P Modaraba DeFi☪️

Modaraba is a form of financial contract in some Muslim countries in which the investor entrusts money to a financial manager and any profits and losses are shared between them in an agreed manner.

The Liquidity provider is a token holder who wants to make an investment through linking his wallet to the platform, and the borrower is the one who requests Modaraba (capital) through the platform. With the proposed peer to peer lending platform, both individual and commercial-scale Islamic financing support can be provided. However, the Modaraba opportunities won’t be available for any prohibited business activities according to Islamic concept, such as gambling or alcohol related business.

Qintar DeFi ☪️ is governed by ERC20 smart contract running on Ethereum blockchain. Smart contract is available at

Further development of the smart contracts and Dapps governing islamic finance ecosystem is going to be provided according to the project roadmap.

More available at:

Token Distribution

Total supply: 1'000'000'000 QIN

The total supply of QIN tokens is 1 billion and it is never going to be more than this number. This is guaranteed by the smart contract available at:

21% of QINTAR tokens are reserved for initial contributors (private sale), priced at $1 per 168 QIN. 25% of all QIN private sale tokens will be released upon listing each month until the allocation is fully depleted.

4% of tokens are allocated for the public sale round, priced at $1 per 100 QIN. All 40'000'000 QIN will be unlocked on the first day of listing.

40% of QIN is reserved to provide 🦄 Uniswap liquidity after the listing.

5% of the tokens are reserved for the advisors. These tokens are going to be locked for 8 months since the token listing on 🦄 Uniswap to align the longterm interest of the advising team with the islamic finance contributing community. After 8 months, 5% will be unlocked each month until the allocation is fully depleted.

15% of the tokens are going to be used to immediately support marketing activities in order to keep the project permanently alive on all fronts. These tokens will be locked for 8 months, 5% will be unlocked each month until the allocation is fully depleted.

10% of the tokens are reserved for the Development of the Qintar Platform.

The 🦄 Uniswap listing and token distribution is planned after the end of Public Sale.

🕑 Ensuring Project Sustainability (DAO Fund)

5% of the tokens are dedicated towards the project development and sustainability (DAO Fund) including payments of smart contracts and Dapps security audits to ensure the longterm continuation of QINTAR Decentralized Islamic Finance Ecosystem.

🏁 How You Can Participate

You can participate in the Private Sale, of which precise dates are going to be announced in the official telegram group. In order to get into the Private Sale as soon as possible, fill in the form on this link or scan the QR code:

💬 Join Us!

Qintar Official Website:





Smart Contract:

Stay tuned. More updates are coming out soon.



Qintar Crosschain

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