Qintar’s Recent Partnerships Announcement

Qintar Crosschain
3 min readJun 12, 2021


Qintar is creating On-chain Shariah Compliant opportunities, bringing financial tools of Islamic Banking onto Blockchain and Decentralised Finance. Qintar Crosschain Platform is a feature-filled ecosystem with advanced tools ranging from decentralized lending and staking platform operating under the financial rules of Islamic Banking.

In Qintar we believe that in order to become big and widely use, we have to create connections and partnerships outside the crypto community. We have presented our Islamic Finance Ecosystem and Sharia-compliant model of money transfer and investments to various companies and with great pleasure we would like to announce companies we have recently established a partnership with.

Qintar team has made partnerships with many companies around the world. These companies will accept QIN as a payment and integrate our Crosschain Platform in the future.

Our partners

  • Sabayik Group
  • Muzlemedia
  • Portoturkey
  • Discoverygold
  • Apex

About Our Partners

Sabayik Group

Sabayik Group is one of the oldest and well-known company of metals (silver and gold) trading in Egypt. Sabayik Group facilitates investing and trading on their platform. They are giving opportunities to all businesses to grow and to achieve business success.
From now onward, Sabayik Group will be taking payments in “QIN.” Besides, the company pledged to integrate the QIN platform into their trading system hence enriching the oldest trading platform in Egypt with Shariah-compliant Decentralised Finance Technology.


Prototurkey is a real estate investment group in the sphere of property and real estate. It is currently operating in Turkey, Jordan, Bosnia, Germany, and Iraq. It offers services in real estate, sales and leasing, investment sales, marketing and property consultation services. This company is giving ways of investments for individuals and group of investors.


Muzle Media is a digital firm located in Istanbul, providing digital services to different brands. It helps brands establish their online communities and assists these brands in reaching a massive audience by several alternatives.
We are pleased to share that Muzlemedia is now standing on our partner’s list.


Discoverygold is a firm facilitating trading and investment while being compliant with Islamic Finance laws and principles. It is offering a quick and easy-to-use trading medium for all individuals.
From now onward, Discovery Gold will be taking payments in “QIN”. Dicovery Gold also pledged to integrate the QIN platform into their trading system hence enriching the Qintar Finance Ecosystem.


Apex is a platform providing solutions to businesses and helps businesses resolve information technology and marketing problems expertly.

Apex will ask their clients to pay in “QIN” to enjoy Apex’s wide array of services. Besides, Apex will participate in development and offer consulting of Qintar Crosschain Platform.


These companies that are collaborating with us, shall accept QIN token besides other integrations, hence managing their payments in QIN. The goal of easy and fair investment will be achievied with our token QIN.

  • Qintar’s first sharia-compliant token fulfils the goal of easy and fair investments
  • The transactions will take place without third-party interests
  • Transaction initiated under the Qintar system cannot be frozen or canceled
  • Forgery in transactions is eliminated
  • Usury is prohibited



Qintar Crosschain

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