Qintar To Lend a Hand to Disenfranchised Palestinian Families

Qintar Funded Campaign to Distribute Food Parcels to the Families Affected by 2021 Israeli Aggression in Gaza, Palestine.

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3 min readJun 25, 2021


Qintar is proud to announce a social responsibility campaign of which aim is to help the families affected by Israeli aggression in Gaza.

Qintar Crosschain Ecosystem is a rapidly expanding its ecosystem throughout the entire GCC market. The company started its journey with the aim to reshape the face of Islamic finance by creating a decentralized and equal lending/borrowing opportunity for the whole Islamic world and even the rest of the world in compliance with Shariah.

Joe Barzaq, the CEO of Qintar Crosschain, says Qintar operates under a code of conduct borrowed from the theory of Islamic Finance, which in essence means fair access to financial opportunities for everyone with an equal share of risks and gains. The theory of Islamic Finance strongly opposes predatory lending and strives to create a win-win environment for both the borrower and lender. With this purpose in mind, the company started a feature-filled ecosystem — an Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain crosschain platform with advanced tools for decentralized lending and staking, operating under the financial rules of Islamic Banking in accordance with Islamic principles.

“The challenge is how to make a world a better place for humanity, to build a new international order of peace, progress, and prosperity for all sections of society”

And in accordance with these exact same principles, he says that they see it as their duty to lend a hand to those in need.

As you may know, Israeli attacks in April and May killed hundreds of people including men, women, and children; injured thousands of people; left tens of thousands of people homeless. Now Palestinian people, who have already been suffering economic hardships under the Israeli siege, are more vulnerable than ever with thousands of buildings destroyed, schools and hospitals damaged, vital infrastructure crippled.

“As a company following the Islamic principles of ethics, we feel the obligation to do what little we can to help them not only as fellow Muslims but also as fellow human beings siding with the oppressed and opposing violence”

In this vein, the company is distributing food parcels to the families affected by Israeli aggression in Gaza with the hope to at least mend some of their hurts in these trying times in collaboration with their partner Youth Development Association — a Palestinian non-governmental organization founded by a young Palestinian group specializing in youth work, focusing on programs to train young leaders, and promoting volunteerism and youth empowerment in order to enhance their role in building the Palestinian civil society.
“They have already been doing a remarkable job helping the youth of the country. I am confident that our partnership will prove fruitful and yield excellent results” Barzaq added.

Watch video of the campaign:

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