How to Purchase $QIN Tokens on Emirex Platform

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2 min readJul 12, 2021

Emirex has announced a IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) with Qintar, an innovative payment system based on the concept of Islamic Finance that empowers individuals and provides a means of safe passive income while rewarding DAO participants.

With the most business and trust in the Middle East, Emirex is happy to assist original projects and release their full market potential, for which the exchange will list and promote the Qintar token. As part of the Emirex Initial IEO, Qintar tokens (QIN) will be available for purchase in phases.

How to purchase $QIN Token on Emirex platform

  1. Head to Emirex and create an account. Pass a standard KYC check and login.
  2. Fund your account using your bank card or deposit USDT straight into your Emirex wallet.
  3. In case you funded your account using your bank card, exchange your funds to USDT.
  4. Go to the Qintar IEO page and select an amount of tokens you would like to purchase. Make sure you have enough USDT to purchase your desired amount of QIN tokens (There is no minimum amount required for purchasing the QIN tokens):

4. The price per token/coin is specified in Price per unit field:

As you can see, price of 1 QIN token is 0.01 USDT.

5. The Total line shows the sum you need to complete the purchase:

Total amount of USDT for 1'000'000 QIN tokens.

6. Then press BUY.

7. Tokens will be credited to your wallet on Emirex.

Read more about Qintar IEO on Emirex here.

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